Microsoft SME

We were engaged by the client to resolve ongoing issues where blank pages were randomly appearing in Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Teams was failing to authenticate. This issue was affecting thousands of users in a Live environment. The previous incumbents were unable to resolve the issue after investigating for over 3 months.

We were also engaged to virtualise a complex suite of SAP applications to be used in a virtual desktop environment. This suite of applications was required by over 1000 users. The previous incumbents were unable to provide a working suite of applications after trying for 6 months. Our requirement was to deliver it inside 5 business days.

The client was also suffering with slow App-V streaming performance. We were engaged to monitor the performance and to provide a solution where possible.

We began by using Wireshark and Process Monitor to debug API calls and monitor network traffic to identify the issues associated with Edge and Teams. Within a week we were able to identify a conflict between a Sophos Antivirus policy and a ForcePoint Endpoint DLP policy.

We concurrently investigated the SAP App-V packaging issue. Again, through process monitoring we were able to identify certain elements that weren't being run inside the virtual subsystem. Through decoupling some components, were were able to make the package work successfully and integrate with Microsoft Excel, which formed part of the Office 365 suite.

Finally we investigated slow App-V streaming performance, and quickly noticed that all sites were streaming from one central content share. We implemented a distributed file system (DFS) namespace and replicated the content to remote sites, which improved streaming speeds considerably.

We calculated that if the client had engaged the services of Cloudfish in the first instance, we could have saved them in excess of £50,000.

Client Name

The Coop

Release Date

10 April 2019

Project Types

Microsoft Subject Matter Experts (SME)